"Therapeutic Experience"


Treasure Spa Lounge has brought me through some tough times on my life. Trice showed me how much she cares about well being as well as the service that she's providing. She is such bright intelligent young jewel whom I grew fund to very quick. I was kind of scared my first visit but after that I consider myself a very loyal client that is not going anywhere. I'm here to stay my Lash Girl Trice. She' so sweetie, amazing and professional. You got to check her out, you won't be disappointed.

Dianna Lane

Montrice is the best esthetician I’ve ever been to in my life! She is sanitary, highly professional, skilled and a joy to be around. You can honestly tell that she loves what she does because it shows in her performance, results and her beautiful spa location! I’ll be back for more services and maybe even some handmade candles soon!!

Camille Fulton

I been getting my lashes done by Montrice since the beginning of the Lash epidemic, LOL ! I love how natural and bold she can make false lashes appear! Every experience i’ve ever had has been like beauty sleep! I would recommend her to all the women who are going for that natural look with a bit of SPICE ! You will most definitely feel like a baddie when you leave from your beauty rest appointment!

Sequioa Greer